The Childish Gambino Deep Web Tour Review

The Childish Gambino Deep Web Tour Review

“The crowd was waiting for the man of the night. After almost 45 minutes of an opener DJ set, it was time to see who they were paying for. All that was heard was the clicking of iPhones in boredom, as the DJ  made his last remarks, leaving his booth. There was nobody on stage,  leaving only props consisting of a piano, a couple of sofas, some drums, a projector screen, and a chandelier. As soon as the crowd’s attention is almost completely lost, a voice comes from the background repeating the same word over and over again:


woooorldstar. Wooooorldstar. WOOOOORLDSTAR. WOOOOORLDSTAR!


The crowd joins in and forms a deafening chant. Over and over, this is all you hear from the sold out crowd. And suddenly, almost oblivious to the noise, Childish Gambino walks onto the stage and sits at the piano. He’s met by what sounds like a roar of screams as the crowd rushes towards the stage trying to get a better look. The band walks on seconds later, as Gambino leans into the microphone. With a sleepy cadence he says:

‘What’s up Atlanta’.


The show had begun”.

If you don’t know who or what I’m talking about, the answer is Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino a.k.a Donald Glover, is a comedian/actor/writer/rapper that has made his mark on a few forms of entertainment. Whether it’s writing for 30 Rock, being a stand-up comedian, or playing the role Troy Barnes on NBC’s Community, Donald has showed that he is not only funny, but smart, creative, and extremely talented. His rap career started in 2010 with a couple of mixtapes entitled I Am Just A Rapper and I Am Just A Rapper 2, and really took off with his first LP Camp  in 2011. Since then he has been doing a plethora of things, including releasing his second studio album entitled Because The Internet (album cover above). This album was accompanied by a full screenplay to go along with it, involving a young adult like Donald living a laid-back, lavish, and lonely lifestyle. The album was, in my opinion, really good, showing multiple sides of Gambino that really showed off his range. And to top it all off, Donald announced the Deep Web Tour around the world where he’ll be performing stuff from his past and recent album. I was lucky enough to get tickets.


What a show.


The first thing that I loved  was the live band that played throughout the concert. Not only did it give the concert an authentic experience, but it was also really, really good. From the drums down to the backup singers, everyone held their own. My personal favorite was the female keyboard player, who almost hypnotized me by how powerful and passionate she was. And all of it fit so well with Gambino’s music, which isn’t just all synths and bass like some other rappers. By putting actual instruments into his songs, it makes the live experience that much better.

What was also really cool, was the Deep Web app that was made especially for the concert, and how people in the crowd could interact with the actual concert via a projector screen. You could send messages, take polls in some areas, and even draw pictures when you wanted to. I wish I knew about it before, but it was still really cool ( and sometimes funny) to see what people were writing in real time in the crowd.

On top of all this, the stage was set up to resemble moments in the screenplay, so it was as if you were watching a movie during the performance with Gambino acting as the score. I was wondering why there were sofas and a chandelier when I got there, for it almost looked like a stage for a play or something. But it worked out really well, and I felt like I wasn’t just at a concert.

And of course, there’s the performance from Childish Gambino. This was, in my opinion, the best part of concert hands down. This man put on a show. He rapped with incredible charisma, he sang really well, he danced, he talked to the crowd, he freestyled, he did everything. You could feel the electricity coming from the stage with songs like “Worldstar” and “Crawl”. And because of this, the audience never seemed to stop cheering. All the parts for a great show were there, and he was basically the glue that put it all together. It was really good.

So in conclusion, I would rate this performance an 8 and a half out of 10 (we waited for a little bit for him to come out due to some safety problems or something). It was fun, it was interesting, it was exciting, and it was CRAZY. If you have some spare time and he’s in your city, I highly recommend checking it out. Chances are, you’ll become a fan.



Here’s another photo from the concert.




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