Why I Support Trump for President

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Yeah, you read it right.


I, Miles Ezeilo, wish Donald J Trump the best of luck in the upcoming elections. I know that this seems like something out of left field for me, considering what my usual stance is on things, but I stand by this one proudly. To many this probably sounds a little strange, even. But since I can’t vote in this upcoming  Presidential election (December birthday, sadly), I feel like I can at least voice my opinion here. And the reason isn’t very…straight-forward. Let me explain.


America deserves Donald Trump right now. With the current state of America, with greed and lies in the government while citizens are struggling everyday with no change, Donald Trump is the perfect President. With poverty still being a pressing problem at the same time the rich get richer, Donald Trump answers that call. With things like the Housing Market Crash still affecting people’s lives on a daily basis, while unnecessary wars are being paid for without fail, Donald Trump is the man. And with institutional racism, classism, and sexism becoming so common in society that we’ve become numb to it, that’s why Donald trump is the perfect candidate.

Everyday me and millions of people like me live with constant fear, having to err on the side of caution in order to protect our lives. Everyday women can do the same amount of work as a man, yet still get a smaller paycheck. Everyday more people are becoming unemployed, for it’s only so much Obama can do without the help of at least a few members of Congress. To me, this isn’t a place I’d like to raise a family, or even live my adult life in. America has become toxic, and the solution is Donald Trump.


The way I see it, America didn’t deserve Obama in 2008, and especially not for this long. President Obama has had to deal with so much after Bush, and has done a good job doing the most he can do. But even after all of this work, not only does he not get the accolades he deserves, but he’s ridiculed and assaulted daily by people who can’t see past his brown complexion. These are people who are supposed to be helping him, but sadly this is not the case. So as a result, America is a mess, but because Obama is doing all he can and making small victories, it doesn’t seem completely bad. If anything, Obama is the problem, right? No.


This is where Trump comes in.


With Donald Trump in office, all of the doors can fly open to reveal how broken this country really is. Donald Trump, the TV personality/ real-estate businessman, acts as a placeholder for the Presidential position. Because he has no political experience and obviously can’t lead the country, one simply can’t look at him to blame for America’s issues. The policies won’t be strong enough, the foreign affairs will be sloppy, and all of it will be done by the talking hairpiece known as Donald Trump. With Obama gone, all the people who hated him can finally look up and realize it wasn’t the black guys fault; it was the country he was trying to lead.  Hopefully after Trump does enough damage, politicians can wake up and try to solve some problems.


Now I know there’s other candidates other than Trump out there, so one could ask, why not just support someone else? I feel like while that sounds like a good idea, people will still have hate for a candidate like what Obama had to go through, and all that will do is give people another excuse for why America is bad instead of looking at America as the problem itself. America needs to do better than that. America needs a restart.


So yeah, if I were to vote for anybody this Presidential election, it would be Donald Trump. Not for his policies or his charisma or even his toothless smile, but simply as a strategic move to hopefully get America in a better place. As well as this, a perfect punishment  for targeting my people and trying to stop our success is having a clown as a President.


But hey, this is only my opinion. I do feel strongly about this, but I am more than open to be proven wrong, or simply hear a different viewpoint. Let me know by commenting below.


[NOTE: 4/11/16

Over the last couple of months, I’ve received many questions and concerns dealing with this post. Now although most of the points I still stand against, let me make this clear to everyone. This was a satirical piece, displaying a wild and unorthodox reason for voting for Donald Trump. If I had the chance to vote in the upcoming election, I definitely WOULDN’T vote for him. He would run this country into the ground before anything got better. I know this. So while I am happy that many people have opinions dealing with this topic, I feel like a lot of people took it in an unintended direction. Any publicity is good publicity, but I wanted to make things clear.]

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Thoughts going into the Grammys: Kendrick’s Turn

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I’m back y’all.

I know it’s been a minute, but I’ve been getting settled into a completely new situation at the house, and sadly I’ve been putting TDL on the back burner.That coupled with some technical problems caused a slight malfunction to TheDarkerLens. Bad news: I had to repost everything, and unfortunately I lost a couple from last year.  But now that everything’s good, expect more TDL posts on the way.


Now back to the topic.  


When it comes to most things in my life, I’m pretty optimistic. I always hope for the best in my school  and whatever sport I’m playing, and I always believe that the best possible outcome will show itself. Helen Keller once said “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Now while I do like to keep a positive outlook, there are a few things that I’ve simply given up on. The first one, is the possibility of 100% percent harmony between races, for after the last couple of years, it’s becoming less and less like a possible reality. The second one, is the possibility of Tupac being alive, for as much as I want the Cuban Conspiracy to be true, I feel like he would’ve come out by now. And the last one, which kind of fits in with the first, is the possibility of black people getting the proper accolades they deserve for what they do. Richard Sherman and Cam Newton are successful black men who have fun playing football?

“Just a couple of thugs”.

Serena Williams is the most dominant player in women’s tennis?

“She might be a man”.  

President Obama passed the Affordable Care act for millions of Americans, ended the war in Iraq, turned around the automotive industry, and created 8.7 million jobs?

“Still running our country into the ground”.

The examples don’t end, and this goes across the board. One of the clearer examples of blatant disrespect comes in award ceremonies such as the Oscar’s and the Grammy’s. Now, the Oscar’s are a whole different beast for another post, but as for the Grammy’s, something is different this year.

Although for many years black people have been snubbed of well-deserved awards at the Grammy’s, it’s sometimes debatable that there might be some competition in the fields that they’re in. And on top of that, the work made by black people might not have been “Grammy winning” that year. But that was the past, and that was before To Pimp a Butterfly.

I distinctly remember staying up all night waiting for that album, hoping that one of my favorite rappers, Kendrick Lamar, will deliver with a quality project for me to listen to. I was simply hoping for some quality lyrics, some catchy hooks, and a banger or two to play in the car. Needless to say, my standards weren’t too high,


And then I listened to it.


I don’t even want to chalk it up to the thought-provoking lyrics, or the fusion of jazz, funk, spoken word, and Hip Hop. I don’t even want to chalk it up to the overarching message of the whole album. I say this because that was the closest thing I’ve heard to a perfect album. This album gives you music you want, and music you didn’t even know you wanted. This album is extremely personal, while also having the ability to speak to so many people at once. And of course, this album was one of the most timely things anyone could’ve  produced given the state of the U.S. With songs like “Alright” that uplift an entire people despite the weights of society (police shootings, poverty, etc), “The Blacker the Berry” which speaks to the dichotomy between uplifting fellow black people and black-on black crime, and “Complexion”, which paints a vivid picture of the colorism that still exists amongst black people, this album puts music to the lives of every African American living in the United States right now. That’s why it’s certified platinum, and that’s why it’s nominated for 11 Grammys.

But even with all of that in its corner, I as well as others, are still not too sure if Kendrick will get what he deserves. He was already snubbed a Grammy in 2014 after Macklemore took it with “The Heist”, but that was a different time and this is a different album. To me, everything is lining up perfectly, now it just needs to happen.

So this monday, Lord knows I’ll be watching the Grammys to see if the right things happen. Right now I’m still not too sure if the Academy will do the right thing, but hopefully they can prove me wrong.

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